Our Services

Asset Protection

Protection of assets should be the cornerstone of any financial strategy. Our investment specialists are knowledgeable in the design and implementation of programs designed to protect your assets. For many pre-retirees their most valuable asset is their future earning power. Individual life and disability insurance can protect you and your family against the loss of that asset.

While the main objective is the accumulation of assets and wealth as we age, we can never forget the protection component of any plan. Therefore, a risk tolerance assessment is a key tool in matching your investments to your risk profile. We will take the time to listen, propose, and implement a program designed for your specific needs.

Income Strategies

We specialize in developing programs that can maintain income levels without undue risk to principal. Once again, our firms focus is protecting what you have accumulated with an eye towards growth potential. Factors such as longevity, taxes and inflation can raise the specter of outliving a person’s capital. Therefore, any income strategy should incorporate a degree of growth potential while minimizing risk.

Post Retirement Planning

Planning after retirement presents a host of different issues vs. when we are younger. Longevity, health issues, estate planning are a few of the challenges we may face after we stop working. Today many persons retire…but they continue to work either part-time or some choose an entirely new career. In either case planning for the “what if” scenario is an important step whether we work or not. Miscalculations can be costly at this time in life so planning is important

Long Term Care Planning

An aging population has forced many to become caregivers for their parents. If you have personally experienced this you know how important planning for a time when you may need care becomes a critical decision. Often the question arises “Why didn’t my parents have LTC”? The truth is that for many the coverage was unaffordable and other people wrongly believe that Medicare and Medicaid would cover them. If qualified, Medicare may only pay for a portion of skilled nursing costs up to 100 days. And Medicaid is only available to those with limited assets and income. Medicare does not cover custodial care which is the most common need.

Planning for Long Term Care has become a key concern for people retiring. There are options today that were not available years ago. These options include traditional Long Term Care programs, annuities with LTC riders and hybrid programs that provide insurance protection AND Long Term Care benefit. We are experienced in all these options and can discuss their pros and cons and what is suitable for each person’s situation. The most common questions revolve around health issues and age. If you have any interest in this area I would strongly suggest a conversation about your personal situation now, rather than later.

Insurance/Employee Benefits

Few industries have seen such dramatic and ongoing changes such as the healthcare industry. Costs for insurance and (LTC) continue to rise unabated.

We have partnered with South West Benefits one of the premier firms in this area to provide our clients with the knowledge and experience to help individuals and companies with cost/benefits problems. We can help you navigate the maze of HMOs,PPOs,POS,COBRA and ERISA as well as provide employee benefits to enhance your company’s existing programs.

We focus on health insurance plans for individuals or groups and help you choose a plan to fit your budget. For all health insurance related questions or concerns contact our associate Jeff Smith with Southwest Benefits at www.swpic.net